Method for properly cleaning glass products

Because of the high light transmittance, the glass will be very contaminated with a little dust and stains. Xiaobian today teaches how to clean the glass smartly;

How to remove oil on the glass door

The oil stain on the glass door of the kitchen is difficult to clean. It will be greasy when rubbed back and forth several times. I believe many people will have this kind of trouble; spray the cleaning agent on the stained glass door, and stick it with the plastic wrap. The place is to soften the oil stains on the glass door and make it easier to clean. After 10 to 15 minutes, remove the plastic wrap and wipe it off with a damp cloth;

How to remove water stains on glass doors

Most people install glass doors in the bathroom, which are both beautiful and wet and dry. Due to the shower, the glass door of the bathroom and the mirror surface are exposed to water stains for a long time, which may leave a blurred watermark. If these watermarks are wiped directly, it will be easy. Grind the mirror surface, use spray-type cleaner, spray on the glass door, use a clean rag to wipe back and forth in one direction, wait until the 7-minute dry, wipe it again with a rag to clean;

How to remove other glass products

Use soda to clean the glass; when rubbing the glass, drop a few drops of kerosene on the glass, then wipe with a cotton cloth, not only makes the glass bright as new, but also prevents rain and water stains; use the newspaper to wipe the glass with water to make the glass clean; glass When there is oil stain, you can use cotton to drop a little white wine, gently wipe it, it will be bright and bright; whether it is stained with paint on glass or mirror, it is easy to wipe with vinegar; wipe the leftover beer to remove the dirt on the glass. Make it clean and bright; the glass furniture will be black for a long time, and it can be wiped with a soft cloth and toothpaste, so that the glass will become bright and new; the glass of the kitchen cabinet should be cleaned up. If oil is found, it can be wiped with onion. , the ambiguous glass can be completely renewed

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