Daily glass products in life, there are so many

As people's awareness of environmental protection continues to increase, the concept of protecting the environment and sustainable development continues to be deeply rooted in the hearts of the people. White plastic waste is constantly being resisted and abandoned. Due to the environmental protection of glass products and the sustainability of recycling, the daily glass industry is constantly emerging.

[Classification of daily-use glass products]

Daily glass products can be classified into tableware (such as dishes), wine (white wine glasses, red wine glasses, etc.), tea sets, and beverage packaging, and some daily utensils, such as ashtrays, if they are classified according to their use. , candlesticks, vases and the like.

[Glass products in the catering industry]

Glass products in the catering industry include: glass plates, glass bowls, storage containers for oily salt and vinegar, microwave-heated high-temperature baking pans, cake pans, beer mugs, etc. Even the glass dining tables we eat, as well as the glass counters, are all glass products in the catering industry.

[Application of glass in wine utensils]

In the wine, first from the white wine, the glass products in the liquor wines are: a well-defined liquor wine separator, a transparent glass white wine glass with good gloss, and a glass warm wine jug for warm wine. It is the glass wine that we often use at the table and on the wine table.

[Red wine is basically based on glass]

Red wine wines are basically red wine glasses, decanters, and glass wine decanters. In addition to the red wine, the decanter has a small amount of metal products. The red wine glass and the wine separator are basically made of glass or crystal glass and crystal material, among which glass and crystal glass are mostly.

Glass products exist in all aspects of our lives, not only in our, tableware and tea sets, glass curtain wall and flat door and window glass in the building, car glass and so on can see the shadow of glass.

You can also clean the glass with a small amount of baking soda and add a little water to the glass. Then use a cloth or cotton to wipe the glass. The glass will be bright and bright, and it will prevent water and water marks on rainy days. When there is no kerosene in the house, use shampoo with less water or shampoo after shampooing. Wipe it with cotton cloth. Wipe the window first, then dry the window with a dry cloth. The whole window will become Clean and beautiful. If you have white wine, you can use another method, that is, use a clean damp cloth to rub the white wine, but before you do this, first wipe the glass with a damp cloth, use a little force, and the effect is very good.

When the frame, frame or other glass products are stained with dirt, we can wipe the towel with the remaining beer, which can not only remove the dirt, but also make the glass clean and bright. It would be better if you had chalk gray water or gypsum powder in your home. Apply them and dry them with a dry cloth. It is easy to wipe off the stains and make the glass brighter. Scrubbing the mirror with the remaining tea, the glass is also decontaminated and clean.

2, to the oil:

If there is grease on the glass, mix it with a little vinegar and salt to make a scrub, then scrub. However, for large areas of oil, first scrub with waste gasoline, then use detergent or decontamination powder, and finally rinse with water. You can also use the onion slices to clean the glass, which makes the glass more dazzling.

The oil in the kitchen is really bad because of the oil from the fumes. We first sprayed the detergent onto the glass and covered it with a layer of plastic wrap. Wait for about 10 minutes, tear off the plastic wrap and wipe it with a dry rag. The thick oil is removed.

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