How to clean glass products quickly, these methods are very good!

If the house is to be cleaned, the most difficult health care is definitely to clean the glass. Glass products such as windows, mirrors, kitchen glass, etc. are not very clean. Window glass cleaning is a problem for many housewives, especially those living in high-rise areas. So how can I clean the glass quickly? What is the cleanest glass? Let’s take a look

1. Dust removal:

If the glass is stained with dirt, it can be wiped with some warm vinegar on a rag, easy to wipe and brighten. You can also use a waste newspaper to rub the water, then wipe it again with a dry newspaper, so that the glass will be completely new. If you want to clean the glass window in the winter, you can buy a plastic hygienic brush with an elbow, then soak the brush, and sip a small bucket of water at the window to scrub the glass directly.

Because the plastic sanitary brush has a strong removal force, the outer glass dust can also be brushed off. In addition, the brush has a long length, and it is not necessary to go outside to brush. It is convenient to clean the glass by simply exploring it indoors. Of course, if the glass is dirty, you can put some detergent in the water and make it cleaner! You can also use kerosene or white wine to rub oil and dust.

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